James Carson Promoted to Western Regional Sales Manager for Complete Coach Works

James Carson Promoted to Western Regional Sales Manager for Complete Coach Works

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW), a leading provider of transit and sustainable transportation solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of James Carson to Western Regional Sales Manager for the company, reporting to Patrick Scully CCW’s Chief Commercial Officer effective October 2, 2023.

“This is a natural progression for James since he started his career at CCW in 2014 and has been involved in learning multiple facets of the business”, said Michael Dominici, CCW’s Chief Financial Officer. “James is well versed in both market and customer dynamics as well as the internal technical workings of the company. We are confident that James will continue to grow professionally and be a positive contributor to the company under Pat’s leadership.”

“I am honored and excited to embark on a new journey being a part of CCW’s Sales Team. I look forward to pursuing and building upon the relationships with our existing customers as well as building new relationships with leaders across the bus industry,” said James Carson. 

“I’m excited to have James join the sales team where he will be able to offer fleet transportation solutions to our customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii”, said Patrick Scully.  “James is well known in the industry and his professionalism and attention to detail will serve our customers well in the coming weeks and months.

Complete Coach Works (CCW) headquartered in Riverside, CA, is the largest bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company in the United States, with over 34 years in the transportation industry. A pioneer in the field of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle technology, CCW has always worked to provide clean vehicles through innovative design and engineering, and it unveiled the world’s first remanufactured all-electric, battery-powered bus in 2012. For jobs of any size, CCW’s team of over 350 experts provide cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service.

In 2021, Complete Coach Works, along with Shuttle Bus Leasing, Transit Sales International and D/T Carson Enterprises, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Carson Capital Corp transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Corporation.

The Nation’s First 60-Foot Bus Rehabilitation to Battery Electric

The Nation’s First 60-Foot Bus Rehabilitation to Battery Electric

The Nation’s First 60-Foot Bus Rehabilitation to Battery Electric

Complete Coach Works installs proprietary battery-electric technology in an articulated bus for TriMet (Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon)

RIVERSIDE, CA, January 17, 2022— Complete Coach Works (CCW) breaks new ground in zero-emissions mass transit with the Nation’s first conversion of a 60-foot articulated diesel-powered bus to battery electric for TriMet.

CCW, the leading North American bus remanufacturer, combined the Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS) with CCW’s own Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) battery technology to solve the electric conversion challenge in a 60-foot articulated workhorse transit bus.

Since 2012, CCW has converted more than 70, 30-foot, 35-foot, and 40-foot fossil fueled transit buses to battery electric. The company offers 403 kWh and 504 kWh lithium ion NMC battery packs.

CCW is thrilled to now offer customers a 605 kWh lithium ion NMC battery and powertrain solution to support larger and heavier vehicles that will easily haul their significantly higher passenger loads.

60-Foot Breakthrough
CCW converted the Nation’s first-ever 2007 60-foot New Flyer diesel-powered articulated transit bus to battery electric. The project included a complete restoration of TriMet’s bus, known as Desert Rose, to like-new condition with the ZEPS 605 kWh lithium ion NMC battery pack and the VEDS powertrain.

“We’ve worked with TriMet in the past converting three 40-foot low floor transit buses to battery-electric, but this was the first time facing a 60-foot articulated bus, which requires more energy storage than any previous conversion,” said Jim Paul, CCW’s Regional Sales Manager. “We’ve proven ourselves again in this accomplishment and thank our partners on the project. The advanced CCW batteries combined with VEDS provides the bus with a significantly longer operating range while maintaining its battery life.”

Keeping high-use, low-floor buses rolling and looking like new
Articulated buses not only carry more passengers, but generally provide a lower-floor design that offers greater passenger accessibility. TriMet’s 14-year-old refurbished bus not only features new passenger lightweight seating, flooring, fresh branding and LED exterior and interior lighting, it also provides a new ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp for faster passenger onboarding.

“Our process significantly extends the bus’s service life while providing a much quieter and zero-emission ride for Portland commuters,” said Jim. “The teamwork between CCW, TriMet and Voith not only moves TriMet’s bar higher on achieving its green initiatives, but paves the way for more agencies to adopt rehabbed electric buses as part of their fleets.”

TriMet is the 16th largest public transit agency in the United States and ninth in the nation in ridership per capita. In 2019, it committed to a clean energy fleet by the year 2040 and became the first U.S. transit agency to acquire battery-electric buses with charging stations completely powered by wind energy.

TriMet has begun extensive testing and evaluation of this inaugural 60-foot model on a Portland metro express route where the bus is already proving its reliability according to TriMet.

“TriMet is proud to partner with CCW in our quest to be the leading Transit Agency that leads the renewable energy drive, and Desert Rose has been a shining star — a Giant of a Rose. The performance numbers from this 60-foot articulated bus are unbelievable and we look forward to a continued partnership with CCW,” said Samuel Rumhizha, Director Bus Maintenance.

CCW’s ZEPS battery division, operated with sister company Transit Sales International, has developed the remanufactured all-electric bus by taking existing low-floor transit buses and remanufacturing them into like-new vehicles with their own proprietary all-electric drivetrain systems. Currently, ZEPS buses have logged four million passenger miles across the nation.

Learn more at ZEPSDrive.com

Complete Coach Works Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

Complete Coach Works Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced today that Brad Carson was appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Brad will be instrumental in leading the operations, building culture, and executing the company’s goals.  

“It is an exciting time for the company and our employees as the transition to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has been executed. The addition of Brad as COO to the executive team will ensure continued operational excellence, technological growth, and new company culture as we’ve entered the next phase of the company,” said Michael Dominici Chief Financial Officer.

Brad began his tenure in 2004 as a transit bus mechanic. Over the years, he has held several leadership positions in the company, such as Operations Manager, Purchasing & Materials Director, Facility Maintenance Director, and his most recent position as the Sales and Marketing Director.

As COO, Brad will immediately assume responsibility for Operations, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Bus Acquisitions, and other related departments.

Complete Coach Works remains committed to serving its customers in the best way possible and remain the leading transit bus remanufacturer in North America.

Carson Capital Corp., Including Its Operating Company, Complete Coach Works Announces Its Transition to a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Carson Capital Corp., Including Its Operating Company, Complete Coach Works Announces Its Transition to a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced its plan to transition to a 100% employee-owned company. The announcement was made during a special lunch celebration on Friday, August 20, 2021, to the entire employee base at its headquarters in Riverside, CA. The meeting was simultaneously broadcast to all remote employees via video conference.

Dale E. Carson, President and Owner of Complete Coach Works, and his wife, Terri, started CCW over 34 years ago and worked tirelessly to build it into the industry-leading organization that it has become. Throughout the company’s history, Dale and Terri have been proud to employ such a talented and diverse team, and have always tried to show their sincere appreciation to each and every employee.

During the announcement, Dale expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the staff, and said that turning CCW into an ESOP was his and Terri’s way of giving back to the people who helped the company be successful – their employees. He further explained that the ESOP retirement benefit would be in addition to the Company’s existing 401(k) Plan retirement vehicle.

An ESOP, facilitated through a trust, provides company stock to employees as part of their retirement benefits. When Congress established the ESOP employee benefit plan in the 1970’s, the governing legislation was written that “the ESOP is required to be operated for the ‘exclusive benefit’ of participating employees (and their beneficiaries).” Once the transition to an employee-owned company is finalized, employees will benefit from contributions made to their account.

CCW projects greatly benefit transit agencies and the communities they serve. Now more than ever, transit agencies are looking to partner with companies that are also aligned with those goals. CCW prides itself on providing a great product and taking care of its employees. Becoming an employee-owned company demonstrates further commitment to its employees, and future success of the company and its customers.

CCW Delivers Two Completely Rehabbed 60′ Buses to Capital Area Transit

CCW Delivers Two Completely Rehabbed 60′ Buses to Capital Area Transit

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced today that it has made the final delivery to Capital Area Transit (CAT). The contract, which calls for the rehabilitation of two articulated New Flyer buses, was awarded late last year.

Work on the buses included repowering the engines to Cummins Recon ISL. The new engines are fuel efficient, low weight, and compact. Additional work for the buses included installment of rebuilt Allison transmissions, new driver seats, reupholstered and repainted passenger seats, new interior and exterior LED lighting, and ADA compliant wheelchair ramps. Other upgrades included new brakes and suspensions, steering components, and destination signs.

Rehabilitation of vehicles is often part of a transit system’s strategy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the 60′ articulated vehicles provides more space for riders and allows for greater social distancing. The vehicles also enhance the passenger experience by improving customers’ comfort and safety in a cost-effective manner.

By purchasing a remanufactured bus, CAT receives two fully renovated buses for about half the cost of a new bus. “A complete restoration is not only cost-effective, but a retrofit bus takes a fraction of the time to deliver in months not years,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing at CCW. “Our priority is to assist our clients in their efforts to ensure the safety of the people in their communities. We will continue to work and support agencies through this unprecedented time”.

CCW Receives Award to Supply and Rehab Five Buses for Yamhill County Transit

CCW Receives Award to Supply and Rehab Five Buses for Yamhill County Transit

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced today it was recently awarded a contract from Yamhill County Transit (Yamhill Transit) to supply three 30’ and two 35’ remanufactured Gillig buses.

In the height of the Covid-19 pandemic essential businesses, including public transit agencies, implemented safety and caution procedures for their employees and riders. Yamhill County Transit is among the many agencies to require face coverings, include hand sanitizer stations, and enforce physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

In order to promote social distancing, Yamhill Transit will add five remanufactured buses to its fleet. The buses will service its local routes in McMinnville and Newberg, Oregon. “Adding rehabbed buses to Yamhill’s fleet will not only minimize overcrowding, but will provide Yamhill a large savings over acquiring new buses,” states Jim Paul, Regional Sales Manager at CCW. “Purchasing rehabbed buses is the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide safe and reliable transportation to its riders.”

This rehab project will take place at CCW’s headquarters located in Riverside, CA. The rehabilitation will include replacement of the original engines with Recon Cummins ISL engines. In addition, the buses will include Allison B400R transmissions, new driver seats, new floors, new interior and exterior LED lighting, and ADA compliant wheelchair ramps. The buses will then be painted and decaled to reflect Yamhill’s branding.

“We look forward to the successful completion of this project. Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction. We are elated Yamhill will be able to offer a more comfortable experience to its passengers,” added Jim Paul.