RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce the completion of Foothill Transit’s project to rehab and repaint 30 artic buses.

The 60-foot-long buses have been repowered with new Cummins ISLG 320 horse power engines. Rebuilt Allison B500R Gen V transmissions were included on a as needed basis. In addition, work included an upgrade to the bus cooling system with the installation of a new all-electric EMP cooling package. Other components that were replaced include motor mounts, hose lines, fittings, alternators, and starters.

All necessary body work was repaired before each bus received a complete paint job. The buses were repainted with Foothill’s new logo and paint scheme. This is the second cosmetic rehab CCW has undertaken for Foothill. The new Foothill decal layout will continue to incorporate Foothill’s mountain peaks logo as a nod to its proximity to the San Gabriel Mountains. “The design reflects the agency’s commitment to sustainability and being green,” stated Roland Cordero, Foothill Transit’s Director of Maintenance and Vehicle Technology, in an earlier CCW press release.

Kevin O’Brien, General Sales Manager of CCW, commented that “It’s rewarding to know that our pioneering efforts and continued success in repowers are making an impact in the transportation industry and our environment. Complete Coach Works is honored to have been awarded this contract from Foothill Transit and to contribute to its goals of sustainability.”

The repower will significantly provide better performance and reliability. It will also reduce operating and maintenance costs. These savings will enable Foothill Transit to allocate more of its budget toward the growth and expansion of its services.