Recently, Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced it was awarded a contract by Montebello Bus Lines (MBL) for the electrification and rehabilitation of three New Flyer buses.

MBL’s decision to remove the now defunct ISE gas hybrid system and convert to Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) buses was a positive step toward its goal of improving the quality of public transportation for its residents and surrounding communities.

Developed exclusively by CCW, ZEPS is an integrated technology that provides customers an affordable route to eco-friendly transportation. CCW takes previously used, internal combustion engine buses and remanufactures them into like-new vehicles containing ZEPS all-electric drivetrain systems. The remanufactured ZEPS buses are rebuilt with lightweight flooring, lightweight seats, lightweight windows, and energy-efficient heating and cooling. It can integrate with any fleet and provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels meeting the needs of our clients’ green initiatives.

The process of remanufacturing will improve the service life of the bus and reduce material waste, resulting in operational savings that benefit the environment. These buses will help America in its continued leadership in clean energy and also places MBL well on its way to complying with the new regulation that will be put into effect in the near future.

According to an article published in the New York Times, California has become the first state to mandate a full shift to electric buses on public transit routes. Starting in 2023, a quarter of agencies’ acquired buses must be electric, and by 2026 that requirement will rise to half of all acquired buses. By 2029, mass transit agencies in California will only be allowed to buy buses that are fully electric under a rule adopted by the state’s powerful clean air agency.