RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is proud to announce its contract award to upgrade the aging AvantAC System in 50 Wrightbuses for Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). A full redesign of the HVAC system was required as a lack of available components to repair the AvantAC system has caused an increasing inability to service the system resulting in buses not being able to be used in revenue service.

The awarded contract has allowed CCW to develop its own operating logic system and retrofit newly designed HVAC components into the Wrightbus. The successful outcome of this system granted CCW the opportunity to install the system into the remaining 49 buses. “Our successful development is groundbreaking news for our company and within the transit industry for all agencies struggling to maintain their own AvantAC HVAC system. We now have a replacement system that will have parts availability well into the future”, stated Director of Sales and Marketing, Brad Carson.

CCW’s new system utilizes readily available industry components with our own streamlined operating logic that is standard within the transit bus industry. By providing alternative parts that are ready for immediate use, it keeps the major system components running for a considerably longer period of time without the need for replacing the entire unit. CCW’s approach provides a shorter design cycle and faster implementation.
CCW is a widely recognized leader in the development of new technologies for the transportation industry and is known for its Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) all-electric transit bus first produced in 2012. The addition of the newly developed HVAC system is a direct reflection of the company’s and industry’s growing prowess. Brad Carson states, “Our company is honored to partner with RTC and complete the remaining 49 buses. We are well positioned and excited to introduce a new system for the next generation of transit technologies. It is a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with RTC and leverage the industry. It is an even greater opportunity to provide the industry with another suitable solution for HVAC failures.”