Complete Coach Works is proud to announce a newly awarded contract from Long Beach Transit to rebuild Gasoline powered Hybrid Engine Kits.

This rebuild contract will involve disassembling, cleaning and inspecting the engines, replacing all pistons, ring sets, bushings, and bearings with OEM quality parts, reconditioned cylinder heads, and replacing all gaskets, seals, oil pumps, and water pumps with new parts.

Upon completing each engine assembly, Complete Coach Works will be placing each engine through a comprehensive dyno test to insure each engine performs at peak performance for Long Beach Transit.

These kits will provide Long Beach Transit with a consistent supply of high quality rebuilt hybrid engines to install into their 2004-09 year model New Flyer bus fleet. Approximately twenty-five engines will be rebuilt each year using Complete Coach Works’ newly renovated Engine Rebuild Center.

Currently there are two engines going through the rebuild process.  We look forward to delivering these engines and exceeding Long Beach Transit’s expectations with our superior quality and customer  service.

Long Beach Transit is one of the largest municipal public transit systems in Los Angeles County, and is ranked in the top ten best transportation organizations in the country for their size. Each year they provide transportation service to over 27 million riders.

For over 25 years, Complete Coach Works (CCW) has offered a vast array of solutions for their customer’s transportation needs. Whether the need is for collision repair, a complete interior rehab, converting a fleet to alternative fuels, or a completely remanufactured vehicle, CCW has the necessary experience to provide the transit industry a one stop shop.

CCW’s team of experts can comply with today’s demanding new standards, from drive train upgrades that meet today’s stringent emission standards to ADA complaint accessibility, GPS systems for Automated Vehicle Location systems to full multiplexing PLC based systems. For more information visit CCW’s website at: