Riverside, CA – Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Las Vegas rehab crew the first three buses of the 20 bus rehab have been delivered and are back serving the citizens of Las Vegas, Nevada with beautiful new interiors, clean new windows, and fresh new paint jobs that updates their look to match the new buses arriving in Las Vegas.

In addition to the obvious external upgrades the buses received additional very important upgrades including fresh newly remanufactured engines and transmissions, new radiator and Charged Air Cooling package, and new destination signs featuring all new LeD technology that provides brighter sharper signs which also provides better daytime visibility. And Finally, new driver seats to provide an ergonomic, safe and comfortable enviroment for the operators.

With the project well under way it will be just a few short months before all 20 buses are completed and running down the streets of Las Vegas providing safe, clean, modernized transportation to the riding public. Thanks to the entire Las Vegas crew with a special not to Fred Roe, Francisco Alvarez, Rachel Serrano, and Cedric Stewart for their dedication to this project.