Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works is proud to announce a contract to perform repairs to the corrosion and structural failures on a portion of RTD’s fleet of MCI Model 102DL3 coaches.

These coaches are averaging over 800,000 miles of service life with some reaching a million miles. RTD desires to keep these coaches in service for several more years. Over the years corrosion and rust have led to structural failures and the vehicles are in need of structural improvements and repairs.

The work to be performed includes: steam clean vehicles, inspection for corrosion cracks and rust, repair and replace engine cradle, out-rigger replacement, inspect and repair sidewall, inspect and repair baggage compartment floors, inspect and repair motor door post, and replace damaged air bellow support structures, and apply rust inhibitor and undercoating after all repairs are done.

“Denver has partnered with us in the past on several projects, and we are grateful that they entrust these major vehicle projects to us,” said Macy Neshati, VP of Sales & Marketing at Complete Coach Works. “Our growing business relationship has allowed Denver and its surrounding communities to lengthen the average life of these buses and save money.”

RTD currently operates a bus and light rail system that has a service area of 2,337 square miles. It employs 2,526 people and reported over 100 million boardings in calendar years 2007 and 2008.