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Transit Sales International supplies the world’s largest selection of pre-owned and premier used transit buses. As you explore all our options you will find that we become your one-stop-shop for all your transit bus needs. We are Your Transportation Solution Providers.

CNG Transit Buses

Add a CNG Transit Bus to your fleet and you help do your part in making a better environment so your children and grandchildren can breath healthy.

Low floor transit buses for sale

Low Floor Transit Buses

Lowfloor Transit Buses improve the accessibility of the bus for the public, particularly the elderly, children, and those with wheelchairs.

High Floor Transit Buses

Highfloor Transit Buses have become the nation’s workhorse transit for decades and provides superior ease of use and reliability.

2008 ElDorado G27B102N4

Mid-Duty Transit Buses

For the lighter applications, Mid-duty Transit Buses provide a versatile support for your smaller transit and shuttling needs.

Prisoner Transport

For special applications, we have it all. From oversized airport transits, to prisoner transport, trolleys, and even military transport buses.

Motorcoach Buses

Over the road Highway Coaches provide a superior service for long distance travels ideal for Motorcoach and Tour Operators.